LIGHT THE SPARK is a non-profit event format that shall deliver happieness and inspiration

I had the idea for LIGHT THE SPARK on my honeymoon trip in 2017. I wanted to build something that makes people happy and gives them impulses to do something good, either for themselves or for others. On the other hand I did not have too much spare time next to my job, so I wanted the project to require only little work and have the power to grow out of itself.

The outcome was LIGHT THE SPARK, a non-profit event format that can be done with very little effort (even as private dinner) and can be easily cloned all over the world. We will now do the first event in Hamburg and I am curious how it will develop.

If you want to be a part of LIGHT THE SPARK or run the event in your city, just contact me.

About me

Hannes Fehr

In my professional life I have been working in digital business since 2000. I held several positions in strategic units in digital media houses, started as entrepreneur in 2009 and co-founded 3 companies since then.

With my company B2B Marketing Angels we are generating leads in very specific B2B target groups via social media marketing in any desired country. I love to develop business models so we decided to offer a 100% success-based “Business Booster” for very innovative, young companies: we bring them new clients, take over all marketing costs and only charge a net revenue share. With this model B2B startups can scale without risk and often even without additional investment.